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The Map of the Region

Donetsk Region includes 51 cities and towns, 28 of them being of regional significance, 21 districts being of city internal importance; 132 city-like settlements, 18 rural districts, 253 village councils, 1124 rural settlements. The largest cities of the region are Donetsk, Makiivka, Mariupol, Gorlivka, Kramatorsk. Donetsk is the regional center.

In the borders of Donetsk region the cities and city-like settlements has appeared which arose near mines, metallurgical and chemical plants, railway junctions. Some cities merge into great agglomerations, say, Donetsk and Makiivka, Gorlivka and Enakievo, Kramatorsk and Konstyantynivka, Torez and Snizhne, etc.

Here is the list of some cities in Donetsk region:

  • Krasny Liman
  • Slavyansk
  • Alexandrovka
  • Dobropoliye
  • Konstantinovka
  • Artemovsk
  • Krasnoarmeisk
  • Yasinovataya
  • Gorlivka
  • Shakhtersk
  • Makiivka
  • Donetsk
  • Velyka Novoselivka
  • Maryinka
  • Volnovakha
  • Starobeshevo
  • Amvrosiivka
  • Telmanovo
  • Volodarske
  • Pershotravneve
  • Mariupol
  • Novoazovsk
  • Mospino

Links to the topic:
  • http://www.donetsk.ua/Koi8/rdonetsk.html — «Donetsk»: information about the city, its history and modern life
  • http://www.prosto.dn.ua — «Just...»: information portal of the city of Donetsk: advertisement, sports, art, business, etc.
  • http://www.partner.donetsk.ua — «Partner»: information portal of the city of Donetsk: a catalogue of resources, cultural news
  • http://tony.donetsk.ua/_donetsk/guide.html — a short Donetsk city guide

  • District centers of the Donetsk region
  • http://acci.inca.dn.ua/Artemovsk/artem.htm — «Pages of the town of Artemovsk»: news, history of the town, useful information

  • Gorlovka
  • http://info.gorlovka.net — «Gorlovka guide»: news, history of the town, industry, telephone directory, hotels and other useful information

  • Druzhkovka
  • http://dru.dn.ua/~pfu — The Emblem of the town of Druzhkovka on the site of the Druzhkovka town board of Pension Fund of Ukraine

  • Yenakievo
  • http://www.enakievo.info — «Yenakievo»: the site of the town: news, history, industry, etc.
  • http://www.enakievo.boom.ru — «Yenakievo»: the site of the town

  • Kramatorsk
  • http://www.krm.dn.ua — «Kramatorsk»: the site of the town: history, telephone directory, industry, publications, culture, education, etc.

  • Mariupol
  • http://www.mariupol.com.ua — Mariupol city portal: news, authority organs, information about the city
  • http://www.maris.org.ua — Mariupol information and entertainment portal: news, transport schedule, photos, etc.

  • Slavyansk
  • http://www.ins.dn.ua/slavyansk — «Slavyansk»: the town site: news, history, industry
  • http://www.onlineplus.dn.ua/site/Slav.map/o.html — The map of Slavyansk

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